Make T-Shirt Design With Corel Draw

There are various ways to design t-shirts, one of them is using Corel Draw. The following is how to design a shirt using Corel Draw.
Step 1
Click the bezier tool, and create a curve object as shown below. First create a line of shirts that are interconnected in the form (basic form, like t-shirts just yet) using the bezier tool. Create melangkung like curve sections shirts with the Shape tool. Click the shape tool in the toolbox, then click on the part to be curved for example, the sleeve shirts, right-click and select convert line to curve. Click and drag the arrow (curve handle) that appears to get the desired curvature.

Step 2
Now the shirt collar and forearm with a tool that we bend and in the same way. Use the make node smooth to smooth the connection on her sleeve.

Step 3
Create the bottom indentations shirt, right and left side. First two nodes before adding the left and a right node t. Then the curve in the same way using the convert line to curve. Give my friend the colors as you wish.

Step 4
Next we create a curve to serve as the folds shirts to make it more interesting and alive. for any curve as shown below, then the curve of the curve parts in the same way it is with step sebelumnya.Membuat Shirt Design with CorelDraw

Step 5
If the entire curve is desired to form arches, give the color curve with the older color of shirt colors and remove the line on a curve, click the line tool in the toolbox-> Click silang.Membuat Shirt Design with CorelDraw

Step 6
Put the curve on the right arm as fold T-shirts. In order for objects that are beyond the shadow of this t-shirt line is missing or in accordance with the form of t-shirts, use instersect and delete the original.

Step 7
Make another fold of the shirt, the left hand in a way like that in step 2 and step 5.

Step 8
Create 5 pieces of bamboo leaf-shaped curve, the curves put it like this:

Step 9
Create two rectangles using the bezier tool overwrite each other and then bend it to convert line to curve. Customize your shirt with the arch of the neck as shown below, again if there are any objects that are outside the line of t-shirts using INTERSECT and delete the original. Give color is younger than the color of shirts like this:

Step 10
Last plug design that you created or an existing design such as vertor floral design that I have given here. For example, designs like this:

Step 11
Put your buddies anywhere you want, for example, placed in the middle. Decrease the size or adjust the t-shirt design next move according to the location that you want to use the pick tool.

If you are interested in creating a t-shirt design with photoshop please go to the article Make T-Shirt Design T-Shirt with Photoshop and also menampilakan design mockups in preview form to make it look more interesting articles please review the video tutorial t-shirt mockups in Photoshop.
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